Disfasan, SL, is a family business, dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of sanitary products, mainly hydrophilic cotton gauze, bandages, TNT compresses, incontinence material and cottons. We are located in Sant Fruitós de Bages, a society with a deep-rooted relationship in the sector and our company has extensive experience as a result of our 80 yearlong family tradition in the industry. We are a dynamic and modern company that always seeks to continuously innovate and improve every aspect of our operations to deliver the best possible customer service experience.


C/Vilella de Claret, Nave 7, Pl.Santa Anna
08272 Sant Fruitós de Bages
Telf. 93-8760086   Fax. 93-8760411

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The competitive advantage of Disfasan, SL, lies in its ability to quickly adapt to the needs of our customers, giving them personalized treatment and advising them on the best use of our products.